An Awakening

Happy New Year!

This new year has already brought new things into my life. I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time now, but as the new year was coming closer, I decided to put my idea into reality! For a while before I finally got this blog started, I had a strong feeling that this was something God wanted me to do and after time that feeling was only getting stronger. A few days ago I decided if I didn’t start getting to work on my blog, it would never happen. I got straight to work that same day.

I feel like this is how a lot of us approach our new year’s resolutions. With a desire to change, but without the means or plans to start. This is why I always struggle making new year’s resolutions and following through with them. I list things I want to do or change, but I don’t make a plan. If this pattern continues year after year, we will spend our whole lives wishing and wanting, but never doing.

This year my family and I have been challenging ourselves to not only make goals, but to make plans to get there. (In my opinion, that is a resolution itself!) I highly encourage you to do the same!

yesterday-tomorrow-and-today-cropDo not be content to live a
mediocre Christian
life: Walk with determination along the path
of holiness”

– Pope Francis

Put your ideas, dreams, and wishes to action this new year and don’t let anything keep you from doing your (very important) part in Gods’s plan. Do not be mediocre, be radiant!




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