What My Blog Name Means

I started thinking about a blog name almost as soon as I was inspired to create a blog. During multiple brain storming sessions, I came up with the names, Thoughts of a Teenage Catholic, Walking in His Footsteps, River of Grace, Blooming Grace, Blooming Faith, Blossoming Faith, Radiant Grace, Radiant Faith, Blooming Radiance… and more… but then it finally clicked. Blossoming Radiance. As soon as I put that name on paper I didn’t really try to think of any more names. It just kinda felt right.

Why my blog name fits my blog so well, and how I came up with it, really have the same answer. I wanted to inspire people to be bold, courageous, joyful, loving, peaceful, generous, and amazing people in faith. The word “radiance” fit just right.

The actual definition for radiant is ~

  1. emitting rays of light; shining; bright:

  2. bright with joy, hope, etc.

The best way to share our faith, our little light, our hope, is to show these things through our actions and our attitude. To emit our own little rays of joy, hope, and peace. To give others a smile or a helping hand. Making small sacrifices every day. To hold a door open for someone. To include everyone you can, even when it isn’t easy. To Comfort a friend, family member, class mate, co-worker, or anyone else when they are sad or going through a tough time. Giving a hug, a word, or a smile might be enough to give them strength. To do the corporal and spiritual acts of mercy. These are all things we can do to show others God’s love shining through us. For some people, you may be the closest they come to God. If we have an attitude of love, joy, peace, and faith, those people may ask what makes us different and may find peace with God themselves.

The radiant girl who makes everyone else’s day and always leaves others better than they were before is who I aspire to be. I want to be the selfless girl who helps everyone without a thought for herself. I want to make the world a better place for as many people as I can reach. I want to be radiant.

However, I am not perfect, or even close to perfect. I am still growing, but I am making a bigger effort to become a better me, and to grow my relationship with God every day. That is why I picked the word “blossoming“. When a flower is blossoming it is not done growing yet, but it has begun, and it is doing everything it can to become a beautiful flower. That is who I am right now, a bud who has begun to blossom into who God made me to be.

The truth is, we will not be done growing our relationship with God until we are in Heaven with Him. That is why we need to keep trying our hardest every day to become better than yesterday. We are meant to be a beautiful flower in His garden, each helping the other blossom more fully.

That is how I chose the name Blossoming Radiance.

It is just the same in the world of souls — which is the garden of Jesus. He has created the great saints who are like the lilies and the roses, but He has also created much lesser saints and they must be content to be the daisies or the violets which rejoice His eyes whenever He glances down. Perfection consists in doing His will, in being that which He wants us to be. – St.Therese the Little Flower

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