Decent Exposure – Book Review!

My sisters and I got a book for Christmas (yay!) called Decent Exposure by Jessica Rey and Leah Darrow. Jessica Rey and Leah Darrow are two absolutely AMAZING Christian women.

Jessica Rey is an actress and Catholic speaker. She is also the founder of Jessica Rey swimwear. If you have never seen her swimwear you should definitely check it out! Even if you have seen it you should still check it out! ( All her swimsuits are super cute and modest and inspired by Audrey Hepburn!

Leah Darrow is also a Catholic speaker and author. She is a former model on America’s Top Model. She talks about her spiritual journey and her ideas of beauty as she went through that part of her life and how much those ideas changed as she found out what true beauty was. We listened to one of her talks called “From Top Model to Role Model” and it is really great!

So… back to the book!

These two women teamed up to make this beautiful book! They talk about being yourself, how men and women are equal but different, social media, modesty, what clothing says about you, respect, fashion tips, dating and more. It is almost more of a magazine type format than a book. It is very fun to read and I highly suggest it to any teen/tween. It is full of great tips, inspiration, quotes and fun information. At the end of each chapter is a call to action.

The only thing I don’t like about this book is that it is too short! But it is a good one to read more than once, which I will probably do many times! I hope you read it and enjoy it as much as I did!

Here is a link to buy it –

Please comment if you have read it or are going to and share what you like about it!

“Decent Exposure was written with the simple idea that women need positive, uplifting guidance. It is not about shame; it is about empowerment. Each and every one of you is beautiful. It is not a cliche-it’s true. This book is a celebration of beauty. Jessica and Leah have used their personal stories, experience and research to help you bring your best self to the party. It wasn’t just the two of them either-a team of dedicated women worked many long hours to put this together for you”

– Note from the Editor of Decent Exposure




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