Don’t be Afraid to Thank God for the Little Things

When I was little I used to think you could only talk to God about important things. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. Of course I did pray about a lot of things that weren’t all super important… But I thought that asking Him for things like 5 more minutes at a play date or thanking Him for things like a small happy accident wasn’t worthy of a prayer.

Then for a while I didn’t know what I should ask God about or thank Him for. I would start to ask or thank him for something small but then I would stop myself because I didn’t think it was important enough. But I did finally realize how valuable it is to thank God for those small thing that give us a smile. And how much He loves when we talk to Him.

“Don’t wait to pray until you need something. Pray and thank God everyday for the small blessings” via

Prayer isn’t about asking God for what we think we really need right now. It’s about loving God and giving Him everything. He wants us to give him our heart, but how can we do that if we just talk about what we need and not what we have, our struggles, our joys, and our hope.

I challenge you to give your day to God. You don’t have to shut yourself up in your room and pray the entire day, but thank God for every time you smile, ask for strength when the day gets tough, offer up the tasks you would rather not do, and live joyfully for our Lord!

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